Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Morning

I weighed the same as I did on Friday 167.5 I was happy to see that I hadn't gained more, because I just feel very heavy. I'm hoping that with my increase in water intake this week that I'll lose come next Monday. I also hope the water intake will help with my constipation. (Seriously, what is up with that!? The vegetables haven't kicked in for me yet)

I am very tired today. My kids were up literally all night long, one or the other of them. But I will do my Shred video; just not sure when because I am definitely taking a nap when they do.

I hope you have a good Monday; I'll check back in as I can but seeing as I'm a zombie it may not be til tomorrow. ;-)


  1. Can you have a nap? I'm finally cleaned out thanks to the tea the Dr. suggested! I hate feeling "full" of crap! :)

  2. Celery. Apples. Raw veggies. Pineapple. These all seem to do the trick for me......much much better than the high fiber grains ever did.


  3. Hey, the only way I can drink half a gallon of water a day is to actually fill up a container with water and drink it throughout the day. That way I don't have to keep track...when it's gone I've drank my water.

    I'm sorry it's so stressful for you lately. I hope you got your nap in. Also, the whole vegetables going like a machine through my system happened around the third day.

    Another thing I do to stay on this diet is to measure, cook up and bag and label my chicken breasts ahead of time ( I might cook a few days worth at one time). I also cook up the brown rice ahead of time (about five days worth). So, I basically just have to cut up the salad, or cook up the egg whites and warm up my rice and chicken.

    You're doing great.