Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I worked out

So, I have been searching for this belt thing I have had for years. Years and years ago I was in a car accident and that was the start of my back/hip problems. I had to wear this elastic belt to help hold my hips/ligaments together. Having 5 pregnancies in 2.5 years, along with the loosening of the ligaments that goes with that, has not helped at all.

Anyway, I finally found it yesterday. I have it strapped as tight as it can possibly go, holding my hips in place. I was able to walk on the treadmill with it, so I did 20 minutes of that, but not HIIT. I don't want to cripple myself.

I have a chiro appt tomorrow and he will help me, as he has in the past. And this time, when he's done all he can do and suggests physical therapy, I'll be obedient and go. I'm too young to need a walker, and honestly, on the days it's really bad I can't weight bear at all on my left foot/hip.

So, I'm putting aside the all or nothing attitude and doing what I can. I'll continue to eat healthy, moderate portions and continue to move as my body allows. I'm not in a race. I'm having a lifestyle change. And it's going to take time.

"The earth is slow, but the oxen are patient." My best friend's dad had this on the wall of his health food store for years and we always laughed at it cuz we had no idea what it meant. I'm still not sure what it means, but I do know that I need patience and endurance. =)

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