Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I can do this! =)

Yesterday went well. I ended up drinking 1.5 pitchers of smoothie, which wasn't quite as much as I wanted, but it's still more than I've ever drunk in one day. So I'll take it. I stayed within my calories and even managed to have a good attitude about it. ;-)

Today I did Leslie's video with hand weights. It's a good workout, especially adding in the weights.

I've been thinking about my diet (as in, food intake) and I think I need to strive for lower calorie/fat. Yes, I'm staying within my calories but the truth is that my workouts don't burn THAT many calories. So the weight loss is really starting to slow down. I'm going to incorporate more salads and chicken and green smoothies.

I also plan to buy Jillian's 30 Day Shred. I'm scared. :-P I know it will be so incredibly hard, I'm hoping I will be able to do all the exercises despite my SI joint and low back issues, and I'm REALLY hoping it'll help jump start the weight loss/fat burning process.

I hope to get it either today or sometime this weekend, and then do it for the 30 straight days. So I'll be updating that as well.

I feel good today. My pants are definitely too big, even fresh out of the dryer. They fall down, which, while annoying is also really encouraging. I don't think I'm quite down to the next size (12) yet, but soon. I feel like my stomach is getting smaller and I know my back fat is disappearing. So, it's working. I just really want to hit my goal of 20 pounds in 10 weeks (without killing myself or getting burned out) so I want to add in Jillian and lower calorie/fat foods to help me get there.

Interesting fact... If you take a gram of fat and a gram of protein, the fat will have TWICE as many calories as the protein. Makes sense, but I just never really thought about it before.

Anyway, I have a busy day today so I'm off!


  1. Hey you! This is how it all starts! The snowball effect, I mean. You HAVE to start slow, and start small, or else you'll drive yourself crazy wanting results too fast. So you start by deciding that you will eat better and exercise.

    Then after doing it for a few weeks you realize hey, you can do this!! And you're getting results! But you're also ready to settle down and be a bit more serious about it, and from then on you're off and running.

    From then on you tweak it and work harder and do more intense things like workouts and more smoothies. It's awesome, seriously, because you start seeing even more results and the snowball just keeps gathering speed!

    I think you're there! YOU CAN DO IT!! You, me, and Jen are going to be loving the pool at summer conference this year. =)

  2. You're sounding more positive! Keep finding what works for YOUR body - uniquely and loving created by our Father!