Friday, January 29, 2010

Exercise is not happening today

Oh. My. Word.

I am beyond exhausted; totally and utterly. Throughout the day I had a total of 6 children other than my own in my house. It has been hectic and crazy.

I am tired and I am going to bed. I hope to work out tomorrow, but am busy from morning until sometime in the afternoon. I don't want to stop exercising; today makes 2 days in a row with no exercise and that can't be good.

Especially since the scale isn't making any huge downward spirals, I feel myself slipping into "It's not working so I'm giving up" mode. But no. I will not quit.

Like I said, EVEN if I only lose 5 pounds in a whole month, it will still be THIRTY FIVE pounds down come July.

So. I won't give up. I won't stop exercising. I won't stop striving to eat healthy, low calorie meals every day.

But for now, my bed beckons to me and I will go lay these tired bones down. =)


  1. Definitely don't give up and get some sleep. I took off running today because I felt tired. Just get it in tomorrow and you'll be'll hopefully feel more rested.

    Six extra kids IS a handful.

  2. Wow! How come you didn't let me know your daycare was open today? :) JK!
    I hope you had a good sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow.
    5 days of exercise in a week is still SUPER good~Jen

  3. Hey..running around after 6 extra children IS exercise!

    Take care of yourself. Two days without exercise is ok....but break the cycle today, even if only for 30 minutes. It will re-energize you. :) Exercise can be very empowering. will get you some alone time, too...even if you can still SEE your kids you can put on headphones and not hear them maybe. Or..have them join you! My 8 year old and 6 year old joined me on the 200 squat challenge. We each did 100 freaking squats on the initial assessment...which was fun. My 8 year old then made a "chart" to chart our progress. We hope to make another attempt today...I guess I need to go read more about how the challenge works, first.

    Make it a a great weekend!!!

  4. Sometimes you just have to rest... totally totally ok! Enjoy today, and take in all the napping and rest you can!

    Hugs.. Amy