Friday, January 29, 2010

Real Quick Perfect 10 Challenge Update

I only have a few minutes here, because soon I will be watching over 7 children ages 5 and under. Eeeek! ;-)

I took a sneak peek today and my weight is the same, 167.5 That's better than it going up, but I really wish it would just go down already. *sigh*.

I'm going to try to get my workout in at nap time, once the majority of the kids I'm babysitting have gone home.

Quick fact about me... well, it's about my great aunt really. My great aunt is Ruth Mayer, a well renowned artist in Laguna Beach, California. She painted a portrait of Pope John Paul II before he died. She had a private sitting with him, and they auctioned off the painting to benefit charity.

I am privileged to have one of her (huge) paintings hanging in my house. It's Catalina Island.

Here is a bigger picture of it.

Check out her gallery; I for one, think she is an amazing artist! ;-)


  1. That is beautiful!! It looks like it fits perfectly above your couch.

    I found a chinese painting once at a garage sale and I fell in love with it. It cost me $50 dollars, and you know how I like things cheap, but I just had to have it and so I borrowed the money from my room mate. I was in college at the time. I should post a pict of it.

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous!
    Good luck with all those little boogers!
    Don't worry about the weight it will come off eventually! Just stick with it!

  3. That is a pretty awesome fact! I love it! Good luck with the kiddos tonight.

  4. Those pics are great, hope you survived all the children!