Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mrs. Noodle

I completed Level 1, Day 1 today. It wasn't quite as hard as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong- it was hard. I only have 3 pound hand weights, which seems piddly but for me, someone who hasn't worked out my arms in... well eons really, it was a lot.

I hate to say it, but she's also really hard to look at. Her face is so horsey! Sorry Jillian! The only other "negative" thing is that the girls who help are so incredibly ripped. Like 2% body fat, you can see every muscle moving, no flaws. And it makes me feel... flabby, LOL! I don't have any grand notions that I'll attain those bodies, because I don't have the time or desire to look like that. They look ripped. I want to look sexy, but in a toned way.

There are 3 sets of routines. Each set consists of 3 minutes strength training with hand weights, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs. The first set I did fine. The second set was harder. And the third set I thought I was going to faint. I'm looking forward to seeing my progress with the sets, as they get easier. There are 3 levels and you do each level for 10 days. So I'll do the routine I did today for the next 9 days and then move up in intensity. (GASP!)

Anyway, I did it which is the most important thing. I'm definitely going to have to do it during nap time. The concentration I need to be able to perform all the moves correctly is too intense to have my little kids running in and out, jumping about and flailing their arms and legs. I also think I need to do it after eating. It was way too fatiguing to do it in a fasted state, and I don't think I did each exercise as intensely as I could have if I would have had some fuel to burn.

When I was finished, I was a noodle. My legs and arms were quite literally wobbling. I had to give my arms a rest while washing my hair, that's how tired they were. This is a great thing! ;-)

Today I've eaten:

1/2c Kashi
1/4c 1% milk
1 slice of bread
2t ff mayo
6 slices thin shaved deli meat
1 graham cracker (what can I say? I'm channeling Sunshine Mama!) ;-)
1 banana

I'm marinating chicken in a chipotle marinade right now and will have that with a baked potato for dinner.

One last thing I'm changing up... I'm moving my weigh in day from Friday to Monday. The last 2 weekends, once my weigh in was done I've sort of heaved a sigh of relief and gone off plan all weekend. Not conducive to losing weight, as evidenced in my lower weight loss the last 2 weigh in days. So this week I'll weigh tomorrow and Monday, take whichever weight is lowest, LOL and then start weighing in on Mondays from here on out.

Hope everyone is doing well!!! Thank you so much for all the comments on my "To eat or not to eat" debate. I will listen to my body and make good choices.


  1. I love that you are understanding YOUR journey and making changes to perfect it for YOUR life!

    Have you ever tried frozen fat free cool whip, between 2 graham crackers? Yummy pretend ice cream sandwich. In Weight Watcher days it was 1 point. (50 calories) I found it hard to stop at one!

  2. Hey,
    Maybe I can borrow Jillian sometime. My arms are so flabby. Yes, they are.. Don't argue :) They have been in sweatshirts for months now :)
    Looking forward to hearing your weigh-in :)

  3. Good job on the shred! After another time or two, you can mute it and just listen to your own music. Jillian can get a bit old. Suction cup dart guns are fun, can shoot at her when she annoys you. I agree with you about her her eyebrows are SO big and heavy. Hee to make fun of her. Esp when she was SO mean on tuesday nights BL...jeeeeez.

    ANYWAY.....I vote for a little more protein in your daily line up...especially on work out days! Fat is good, too....Ann Louise Gittleman in her Fat Flush book talks a lot about the importance of certain fats in your diet. And, there is also info out there that shows that you need to eat fat to lose fat--since it enables your body to release it instead of hording it (which it tends to do when you do not eat enough dietary fat). So, don't fear the fat too much.

    I need to lose 20-25 more pounds...and would LOVE to have it all done in 10 weeks. Let's keep keeping each other motivated. We can do it! Even though I have been on this journey for 10+ months....I have sorta been maintaining for the past couple this feels like I am starting all over again. Hopefully my body will feel the same way and do a nice "week 1" release of blubber. :)

  4. You made me laugh with your graham cracker comment. Well, I can't eat graham crackers, but I sure can smell them when I give them to my kids. They smell wonderful...and then I think about the sugar and flour in them.

    I was reading some of your older posts and found it interesting what you said about how HITT burns more fat off than long steady state cardio. I need to do more of that.

    That "shred" sounds pretty intense. I'm curious to see how it goes for you.