Monday, January 18, 2010

Endurance and Perseverance

I have to keep telling myself "It's not a race" this morning.

Last night I was in bed by 8pm, but my kids were up and yelling and talking until past 10. This is very abnormal for them, and they were already overtired. When I finally fell asleep it was fitful sleep, I woke up lots, had weird dreams, etc...

So I feel like the week is already off to a bad start. My kids woke up screaming and yelling (seriously, is it a full moon or something?) I ended up watching my niece today and she is teething and sad, my workout got interrupted.... Blah, blah, blah

So. I told myself- it's NOT a race. It's a lifestyle change. YES, I wanted to get a good, hard workout in, YES my body and kids didn't allow that, YES I feel really tempted to give up and be mad. But I don't have to allow any of that to change my course. I don't have to give up. I don't have to snack because I'm stressed and tired. I don't have to be grumpy and irritated.

So, today is Monday morning, the start to a fresh week. I've drunk my green smoothie and my workout is now complete (the whole thing... just in 2 increments). The teething baby is sleeping peacefully and I will be a hands on, attentive mother to my children today. It's all part of life; it's all part of the process. Losing weight and becoming healthy and fit isn't my WHOLE life. It's just a piece of it, and I have to learn how to make wise decisions even in the midst of "turmoil" if you will.

So I will endure and persevere and do the absolute best I can. And I will hope and cross all my fingers and toes that the scale goes down on Friday. :-D


  1. Run the race with perseverance Ruth Anne! You're are so right, losing weight isn't the whole life - there's so much more to our lives than our physical bodies. Thanks for this reminder...I've had a morning of turmoil myself.

  2. Such a wonderful perspective...excellent!

  3. You are not alone!! Know that your brothers around the world are experiencing the same sufferings. =) I had to deal with diahrea emergencies in the night including full on baths and changes of clothes, and DH is home today with the flu which changes everything. I'm like you, I don't like working out with him watching me, ha ha. He probably doesn't even notice.

    Anyway, today I'm going to switch to working out at naptime so I'll be thinking of you persevering in your life as I do the same in mine! =)

  4. You are amazing, I love your posts because you always look at things with the right attitude! I only have two puppies and I can still barely do it!