Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, last night I had a bit of a slip. I was hungry all day and snacked more than usual. Not on bad food, but it was still calories adding up.

In the evening we ended up running out to get a movie for the husband and myself. We got McDonald's for the kids; I had a few fries. What I *really* wanted was Oriental Rice Crackers. Weird, huh? I love them for some unknown reason.

So I stopped and got some, as well as some Mt. Hood mix-- chocolate covered peanuts and raisins and toffee peanuts. And, well, um.... that was my dinner. I know, I know, so bad.

I also had a glass of wine. So I'm fairly certain I was over my calories yesterday. But I decided it was ok. I had a really good time with my husband, I didn't stuff myself, and hey- It's ok to have rice crackers and Mt. Hood mix every once in a while for dinner. :-D

This morning I had a good workout and I also was blessed with some great "waste management". I thought all this exercise and the fiber I'm eating would surely help me in that department, but so far it hasn't improved much. Today, though, I was able to experience the glorious blessedness of going #2. :-P Maybe it was all those rough, starchy carbs! LOL

Anyway, we're off to have a fun day with the kids, I'm going to keep my eating in check today and continue to work out this week for 5 consecutive days. Only 3 more to go to meet that goal, and I'll probably just shoot for 7 days.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I am sure you will still lose this week, cuz you do so good all the other days. If you still felt good, I think you did GREAT. This is LIFE :) Have a good saturday. I personally am SUPER excited about it :) See you tonight

  2. I am totally having problems in the BM area as well. It's so weird because I'm eating healthier than ever!!! Explain that. I was even up on the scale on my sneak peek, but I know, I'm sooo bunked up.